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Leather Rucksacks

Stylish vintage style leather handmade rucksacks. These are tough and hard wearing real leather bags made to last and to protect their precious contents.  The old leather vintage style is a favourite for many.  It's a unique style that has been loved throughout the ages. Classic and stylish designs to suit men and women.  

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Travelling, whether by plane, train or automobile brings stress, pleasure and excitement. How many of us have had that desperate 'Where are my tickets?' feeling!  I know it well!  How many of us have suddenly been brought down by a broken zip or strap on your travel bag?  I know that feeling too!

Well, stress less!  Here your bag is your travel guardian!  Handy accessible pockets with strong and sturdy straps enable you to find tickets, phone chargers, chewing gum and whatever else you need to de-stress and relax on your journey!

Go to work or go to play with your stylish leather rucksack and make an impression that lasts.  What's more it just gets better with age.

Thousands bought, no two are the same!

Use SAVE30 at the checkout to save 30% on your new bag.

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